Heritage Brass is the widely recognised brand of M. Marcus Limited, one of the leading suppliers of architectural and electrical brassware in the U.K. M. Marcus was established over sixty years ago as a traditional brass founder, and from the very beginning it has been committed to quality both in its products and its customer service.

Since 1940's the company has grown consistently, and on the basis of good customer relations has established strong markets worldwide for its Heritage Brass brand. The high standards of quality widely recognised as hallmarks of Heritage Brass brassware have been achieved by continuous investment in personnel and equipment.

At the company's manufacturing facilities, elegantly styled hardware and electrical plates are produced using the latest equipment. This enables quality control to the highest standards at every stage. Accurate reproduction of beautifully created product features is guaranteed by close attention to tooling.

In addition to its commitment to continuous product development, the company places much emphasis on the need to maintain the highest levels of service to its customers. It has a fully computerised order entry and dispatch system and maintains high levels of product availability to support its network of distributors. Service to its customers is complemented by its ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Standard registration.

During the 1980s, we altered our manufacturing processes from traditional "Sand Casting", to the more accurate "Pressure Casting" and during the 1990s to "Hot forging", which is now our preferred method of production to maintain consistency in design and quality. During the 1990s we have also seen further changes in technology with the use of Robots to polish products which have for centuries been polished by hand.

Whilst "Hand Finished" has a nostalgic image, as far as quality of finish is concerned, robots polish consistently and accurately allowing us to set a quality target which can be maintained.

Durability of finish depends on the composition of the lacquer, and also its application.

When used externally, different environmental conditions (e.g. salt spray, humidity or pollution), could adversely affect the durability of the lacquer, however our experience shows that the lacquer coating may last from one year to a number of years, depending on the location.

For optimum durability we recommend our "Everbrite" process which carries a 25 year finish guarantee, and which is available on selected range of door handles and accessories.


We are working towards a more green way of packaging our products; such that all our packaging is made of recycled, recyclable or reusable material. Our newly designed packaging will carry a note on recycling of packaging materials hence spreading awareness among the consumers about the importance of recycling or reusing packaging materials whenever possible.

Health & Safety

The following is a statement of the Company’s General Health & Safety Policy in accordance with section (II) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. M. Marcus Ltd. understands the need for successful Health & Safety management policies. To sustain that commitment we will continually measure, monitor and revise where necessary an annual plan to ensure that Health and Safety standards are adequate.

Equal Opportunities

The Company is committed to providing a working environment in which employees are able to realise their full potential and to contribute to business success irrespective of their gender, race, or disability. This is a key employment value to which all employees are expected to give their support.

Supplier Code of Conduct

All M. Marcus Suppliers shall comply with all local and national laws and regulations of their Countries. M. Marcus expects its suppliers to comply with the following conditions of employment.