Supplier Code of Conduct

All M. Marcus Suppliers shall comply with all local and national laws and regulations of their Countries. M. Marcus expects its suppliers to comply with the following conditions of employment:


Suppliers shall pay their employees by providing wages and benefits which are in compliance with the national laws.

Child Labour

M. Marcus does not tolerate the use of child labour. No person shall be employed at an age younger than the legal minimum age for that country, and under no circumstance under 14 years of age.


All products made for M. Marcus will be kept confidential, and shall not be disclosed to third parties.

Hours of Labour

Suppliers must ensure that working hours are no more than 48 hours per week providing local regulation does not set a lower requirement. Working Hours in excess of 48 hours per week should be infrequent and should be compensated at over time rates. Suppliers must provide at least one day off per week.


Employment must be based on an ability to do the job. Race, colour, gender, religion or disability must not affect selection of employee. Suppliers will allow their employees to associate or not to associate with any organisation, union, support group, as long as such groups are legal.

Workplace Environment

Factories producing merchandise to be sold by M. Marcus shall provide adequate first aid and ensure that all production and manufacturing processes are carried out in conditions that have proper and adequate considerations for the health and safety of those involved.

Sub Contractors

M. Marcus suppliers may not use a sub contractor, unless the use of same has be notified and approved by M. Marcus.

Waste Management

Items recycled whenever this is practicable. Effective controls of waste in respect of water pollution are adopted.

Packaging and Paper

Packaging should be minimised and recycled material used where possible.

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